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Here is all the recorded music I have played drums on over the years, or at least the ones I can find. I don't have The Chinks records yet ( it is from 1996 ) but I pray someone will send me a copy someday. I enjoyed playing the drums, it was my lifeblood, my eternal love and my passion for over 40 years, that is until I had a stroke in 2010. But I included my music and drumming on my website because it is the largest swatch of my life, without it I would be nothing. I also painted during these years but not to the extent I do today. Orbital Karnie is a side project I've been doing for quite a few years off and on. Its an avenue that alows me to vent in ways I can't do with art. I recorded every song I've ever done with "Granny" my 1925 Ludwig snare. I'm getting burried with it.  I hope there is at least one song on this page that you will enjoy, I know I enjoyed making each and every one of these songs almost as much as I enjoyed the company of the musicians that allowed me to record the drums on their albums and play live. I love Drums!  Thanx Guys.

Orbital Karnie 1993 ~ 2019 Wrong Button

What is normal?
23 pounds
Broken Dreams
Be a fool with me
A little strange
New Eye
No title
Folding in two
Speak in Colors
Junkey thoughts
Your Strange
Manly bang
Dont shake me if I'm sleeping
Pessimistic me
Whos alive?
Beat in beat out

Music Hates You You have failed as an audienceDrugs

I've been told
anyone can do it
You used sound clips
Well in reality
I used samples of my kit
tweaked it a bit
Trakker progs from the 90's
in the 90's
and midi and
and mixed it all up
with poetry (sort of )
in Vegas studio
its soundfonts
even though I didnt know
what I was doing
Im still proclaimed by some
as a hack. it must be OK
to be me.  EK
Me Me Me
Perfect World
Hit Me
A lot like love
The jig is up
Oh God
Ol' Sparky
Number Eight
This little light o' mine


Early bird/Scream
Dirty Places
Question Mark
Pop 88

Skytzo's Fleye-in eyeball circus 1993 ~ 1997

Covergirl Diamonds
Girl like you
Head orange slam
Inspect her gadget
Lord of the fleyes
What else in knew
Newborn day
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