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Im 23 lbs under wieghtRibbs protruding like cracks in the sandI kinda look like the grill of an old rusty ChevyMy teeth are constantly telling mewith jolts of pain to stop eating sweetsbut its nothing 1600 mg of Motrin wont cure for the moment.And my eyes grow more out of focuswith each passing moment that seems to blur like the bird who wizzes byslaming into the windowleaving its eyes stuck to the reflection of the horizon in the paneIt too cannot see a true horizon anymoreAnd all that Tar which chokes me on a daily basistakes yet another breath of sweet life awayso I'll place another betweenignight it with the passionto filling me breathless once againMy speculation of good health has been blackendand overrun by the reality of ill pastmaking for an unhealthy future, but...At least Im not a cat,and have to go through this eight more times after this one...EK

This is a gallery of some of my watercolor paintings. I refuse to put all my art in one place, to me it makes no sense to do that.
I change them on my site every now and again so if you like what you see, come on back.
I am opening an online store this year so you can order my art printed on just about anything.
There are Digital Watermarks embedded within these pictures that will not show up visually. I chose this method of watermarking because I just find watermarks to be way too intrusive to the quality of the images. I ask you to please be kind and respect my intellectual property. Starving artists are everywhere. Please feel free though to donate to my lost cause of artistic endeavours >>>>>>>>>>>>.

"Murder" Watercolor 13" x 18"


"Music for the deaf" Watercolor 22"x30"

music for the deaf.jpg

" A Birthday card for my Ma" watercolor & white Gouasche28" x 17"

a card for ma-sm.jpg

" Exit stage left" Watercolor 22"x30"

exit stage left.jpg

Do your best to prove to a kid that its possible to bend a spoon with your mind, a childs imagination could be at stake.

bend a spoon.jpg
Blue extra.jpg



"Bightness of insanity" Graphite

brightness of insanity.jpg

" A Cristmas Stocking" Watercolor 22"x30"

Christmas stocking.jpg
color stuff.jpg

" Daredevil Monk" Watercolor 22"x30"

daredevil monk.jpg

'Discovery of sleep" Watrecolor 22"x30"

Discovery of sleep.jpg

"Egotistical self portrait painted by an alien on another planet" Watercolor 12"x18"


" Unfound door" Watercolor 22"x30"

eyemnkogneeto (22).jpg


eyemnkogneeto (26).jpg

"painters block" Wattercolor 22" x 30"

eyemnkogneeto (28).jpg
eyemnkogneeto (34).jpg

" Fetus Planter" Watercolor 18"x23"

Fetus Planter.jpg

"Apples to Oranges" Watercolor 15"x22"

first comparison of Apples to Oranges.jpg

" The end happened??" Watercolor 15"x22"

the end happened!.jpg

" Fitting in" Watercolor 22"x30"

fitting in.jpg

"gelb künstlerische Scheiße" Watercolor 3"x5" stereo

gelb künstlerische Scheiße.jpg

" He loves me not" Watercolor 22"x30"

He loves me not.jpg

" I.D. Theft" Watercolor 22"x30"

I.D. Theft.jpg

"Ironic bird cage" Watercolor 15"x22"

Ironic Birdcage.jpg

"Jazz" Watercolor 22"x30" stereo painting


" Last brick in the tower of Babel" Watercolor 15"x22"

last brick.jpg

"Masochistic plant" Watercolor 15"22

masochistic plant.jpg

" Mr. Squiggles last chance" Watercolor 14"20"

Mr. Squiggles last chance.jpg

"Plight of a barran woman" Watercolor 22"x30"

plight of a barron woman.jpg

" Portrait of a savior?" Watercolor 22"x30"

Portrait of a savior.jpg

" Quiet monster" Watercolor 22"x30"

quiet monster.jpg

"rote künstlerische Scheiße" Watercolor 13"x18"

rote künstlerische Scheiße.jpg

"Sadness" Watercolor 16"x24"


" Self portrait" Watercolor

Self Portrait.jpg

" Stage fright" Watercolor 22"x30"

Stage Fright.jpg

2nd stroke

stroke #2.jpg

" The end already happened" Watercolor 22"x30"

the end already happened.jpg

"Theater masks" Watercolor 11"x13"

Theator masks.jpg

"Bye" Watercolor 22"x30"


" Weather Vein" Watercolor 15"x20"

Whether vain.jpg

" A witness to the birth of technicolor" Watercolor 15"x22"

witness to the birth of technicolor.jpg
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