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Welcome to Eyemnkogneeto's Gallery of Crap! or gallery of watercolor surrealism by Greg Carlson. Surrealism is not just an art style, it's a way of life. And when you finally see it, you can't unsee it. My work attempts to take you on a journey through the subconscious mind, where dreams and reality collide in a beautiful mess. Each piece is unique and filled with hidden meanings and unexpected surprises. So come on in and explore the the damage of my thought patterns.

Plumb & Atwood factory Thomiston, CT 26.5" x 29" watercolor

plumb&atwood painting.jpg

"A witness to the birth of Technicolor" watercolor and graphite 21.5"x27.5"


"Murder" Watercolor 13" x 18"


"Music for the deaf" Watercolor 22"x30"

music for the deaf.jpg

" A Birthday card for my Ma" watercolor & white Gouasche28" x 17"

a card for ma-sm.jpg

" Exit stage left" Watercolor 22"x30"

exit stage left.jpg

Do your best to prove to a kid that its possible to bend a spoon with your mind, a childs imagination could be at stake.

bend a spoon.jpg
Blue extra.jpg



"Bightness of insanity" Graphite

brightness of insanity.jpg

"Blobby" the Christmas Lump. watercolor 11x12


" A Cristmas Stocking" Watercolor 22"x30"

Christmas stocking.jpg
color stuff.jpg

" Daredevil Monk" Watercolor 22"x30"

daredevil monk.jpg

'Discovery of sleep" Watrecolor 22"x30"

Discovery of sleep.jpg

"Egotistical self portrait painted by an alien on another planet" Watercolor 12"x18"


" Unfound door" Watercolor 22"x30"

eyemnkogneeto (22).jpg


eyemnkogneeto (26).jpg

"painters block" Wattercolor 22" x 30"

eyemnkogneeto (28).jpg
eyemnkogneeto (34).jpg

" Fetus Planter" Watercolor 18"x23"

Fetus Planter.jpg

"Apples to Oranges" Watercolor 15"x22"

first comparison of Apples to Oranges.jpg

" The end happened??" Watercolor 15"x22"

the end happened!.jpg

" Fitting in" Watercolor 22"x30"

fitting in.jpg

"gelb künstlerische Scheiße" Watercolor 3"x5" stereo

gelb künstlerische Scheiße.jpg

" He loves me not" Watercolor 22"x30"

He loves me not.jpg

" I.D. Theft" Watercolor 22"x30"

I.D. Theft.jpg

"Ironic bird cage" Watercolor 15"x22"

Ironic Birdcage.jpg

"Jazz" Watercolor 22"x30" stereo painting


" Last brick in the tower of Babel" Watercolor 15"x22"

last brick.jpg

"Masochistic plant" Watercolor 15"22

masochistic plant.jpg

" Mr. Squiggles last chance" Watercolor 14"20"

Mr. Squiggles last chance.jpg

"Plight of a barran woman" Watercolor 22"x30"

plight of a barron woman.jpg

" Portrait of a savior?" Watercolor 22"x30"

Portrait of a savior.jpg

" Quiet monster" Watercolor 22"x30"

quiet monster.jpg

"rote künstlerische Scheiße" Watercolor 13"x18"

rote künstlerische Scheiße.jpg

"Sadness" Watercolor 16"x24"


" Self portrait" Watercolor

Self Portrait.jpg

" Stage fright" Watercolor 22"x30"

Stage Fright.jpg

2nd stroke

stroke #2.jpg

" The end already happened" Watercolor 22"x30"

the end already happened.jpg

"Theater masks" Watercolor 11"x13"

Theator masks.jpg

"Bye" Watercolor 22"x30"


" Weather Vein" Watercolor 15"x20"

Whether vain.jpg

" A witness to the birth of technicolor" Watercolor 15"x22"

witness to the birth of technicolor.jpg
Imagination is more valuable than sanity. Greg Carlson
EyemnKogneeto is Greg Carlsons fault
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