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At 4 years old all I wanted was to be a drummer. I banged on every pot and pan in the house until finally, I got my first drum set that Christmas.
I kinda blame my grandmother because she used to play Buddy Rich records for me when I was 3 and play honky tonk piano for us.
She rocked! So maybe that had a bit to do with it. I loved her for that.
I didn't know just how big Buddy Rich's shoes were to even attempt to fill but I did the best I could, and then came Bonham and wrecked the whole damn thing.
I practiced almost every day for the better part of 42 years. Every time I sat down behind my kit, I always gave it everything I had, that’s the truth of it. I loved the drums.
I know many awesome drummers, most with way more skill and talent than me but I got to share the stage with them on occasion.
I can't say I was any good at playing the drums but I don't think I was too sloppy either (maybe a little), but I tried.
In retrospect I think I might have learned some things that would've made things easier if I took just took a lesson or two, but I never did, same with art but that’s another story.
I met and played with some of the greatest musicians imaginable in my travels,
Bob Mikulak, Dan Champagne, Scott Oulette, Charlie Garland, Zack Hembre, Noah Ray, Forrest Hetland,
Brady Bonito,(RIP), Steve Therealt(RIP) Roland Blue(RIP), Jim Peletier, Gary Bell, Wolfie and so on...
I'm thankful for these recordings. Without these people I would be nothing.
I played drums at just about every dive bar and rat joint there is to see, so did you if you know me.

I played in them, donated my own sweat and blood to them all and loved almost every second of it.
I pretty much stuck to a Single pedal 5-piece kit. I kept it small and that’s how I liked it. I had to work twice as hard sometimes just to keep up
but in the end through all its aches and pains, remnant moans and groans and future cramps. It was worth everything, almost...
I've never made any money playing the drums and I don’t have many pictures (I guess I'm not all that photogenic),
proof or otherwise to show that I even did it, except these recordings and great memories.
I got to play the drums in these bands and for that I am proud. It's all I have left of the days of yore.
Needless to say, those were the best of times. Now I paint and find myself drumming in my head
when I used to play my drums I would always paint in my head while doing that, go figure!
I think it helps but distracts me a lot some days, I'm lucky like that.
EyemnKogneeto is Greg Carlsons fault
Imagination is more valuable than sanity. Greg Carlson
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