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" Music for the deaf" Watercolor 22" x 30"

music for the deaf.jpg

"Fitting in" Watercolor 21"x29"

fitting in.jpg

"Exit stage left" Watercolor 21"x28"

exit stage left.jpg

The Brightness of insanity

brightness of insanity.jpg

"Bye" Watercolor 21"x28"




"Christmas stocking for Mom". Watercolor 22"x30"

Christmas stocking.jpg

"A witness to the birth of Technicolor" Watercolor 15"x21"

witness to the birth of technicolor.jpg
color stuff.jpg

"Daredevil Monk" Watercolor 22"x30"

daredevil monk.jpg

"Discovery of Sleep" Watercolor 22"x30"

Discovery of sleep.jpg

Do your best to show a kid that you can bend a spoon with your mind, A childs imagination just might depend on it.

bend a spoon.jpg

"An egotistical self portrait" Watercolor 12"x18"


Extra blue paint

Blue extra.jpg

"Unfound Door" Watercolor 22"x30"

eyemnkogneeto (22).jpg

"Happily Crazy" Watercolor 22"x30"

eyemnkogneeto (26).jpg

"Painters Block" Watercolor 22"x30"

eyemnkogneeto (28).jpg
eyemnkogneeto (34).jpg

"Fetus Planter" Watercolor 21"x27"

Fetus Planter.jpg

"First comparison of Apples to Oranges" Watercolor 14.5"x21"

first comparison of Apples to Oranges.jpg

"Masochistic Plantlife" Watercolor 15"x21"

masochistic plant.jpg

Gelb künstlerische Scheiße ( Gold artistic Shit) Watercolor/stereo 3.5"x5.5"

gelb künstlerische Scheiße.jpg

"He loves me not" Watercolor 22"x30"

He loves me not.jpg

"I.D. Theft" Watercolor 21"x29"

I.D. Theft.jpg

"Ironic Birdcage" Watercolor 15"x22"

Ironic Birdcage.jpg

"Jazz" Watercolor 21"x29"


"Last brick of the Tower of Babel" Watercolor 15"x24"

last brick.jpg

"The end already Happened?!" Watercolor 15"x19"

the end already happened.jpg

"Mr. Squiggles last chance" Watercolor 15"x22"

Mr. Squiggles last chance.jpg

"Music for the Deaf" Watercolor 13"x20"

Music for the Deaf.jpg

"Plight of a Barron Woman" Watercolor 22"x30"

plight of a barron woman.jpg

"Portrait of a Savior?" Watercolor 22"x30"

Portrait of a savior.jpg

"Quiet Monster" Watercolor 21"x29"

quiet monster.jpg

"rote künstlerische Scheiße" Watercolor 13"x18"

rote künstlerische Scheiße.jpg

"Loss" Watercolor 15"x24"


"Self Portrait" Watercolor 13"x18"

Self Portrait.jpg

"Stage Fright" Watercolor 22"x30"

Stage Fright.jpg

2nd stroke

stroke #2.jpeg

"The end Happened?" Watercolor 15"x19"

the end happened!.jpg

"Theater Masks" Watercolor 11"15"

Theator masks.jpg

"Whether Vain" Watercolor 14"x19.5"

Whether vain.jpg
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